Gunyang Memberships

Lists of interested sellers and buyers

The Club provides support for the membership transfers by putting buyers and sellers in contact. The Club maintains two lists:

  • public list of selling members (download as PDF) who have notified their intention to sell and have agreed for contact details to be available on the Gunyang web site is available. The details published are names, email address, telephone numbers, and the selling price in the case where the price has been supplied by the member. 

  • public list of buyers (download as PDF) who have requested their contact details be available to sellers via the Gunyang web site. Buyers will remain on the buyers list for 1 year, after which time they will be deleted. The buyers list will be made available to any member who requests a copy. If you want your details (name, email address, and telephone numbers) to be on this list, contact Lisa Reeve on

Enquiries about buying or selling a Gunyang Ski Lodge membership can be made directly to any of the people listed. Please view the website thoroughly to answer any question about the lodge and information about the buying and selling membership protocols.

General enquiries about membership can be made to

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